The topic of equality in America, sadly remains a topic. But, at ENUF we will always lean toward optimism and believe the present conflicts mean we’re close to a break through. Sometimes it truly does have to get worse before it gets better. As cliche as that is, it is true. To have these issues coming to the surface and being discussed on a national level, represents progress. Perhaps the greatest enemy we face, besides evil itself, is a simple lack of awareness. It could also be termed ignorance, and it causes unnecessary hate and disagreements.

We all operate based on the limited information and beliefs that we currently have. Unfortunately we do not know what we do not know and we often operate based on misconceptions and falsehoods. If we want a chance at true equality and peace, a key component must be increased awareness and better information leading to more truthful beliefs. But who defines what’s true and what isn’t? And what constitutes truth? That is a great American crisis in itself. ENUF will always maintain that the ultimate truth comes from the Truth—God himself, our savior Jesus Christ. We are not a “religious” organization, and we will of course never discriminate against those who do not share our beliefs. No, having that belief in God and following His commands means loving all people with the same unconditional love (as best we can in spite of our human condition). But it is important to have a foundation and authority for truth, or we are all essentially left to do what is right in our own eyes. And in that framework, no one can be held accountable for their actions, as there is no ultimate source of truth and justice to compare their actions against. And, we have no moral superiority to strive for. We have no standard for excellence, without God. And the reason this is applicable to ENUF and the mission of equality, is because the absence of God means more evil. And one of the ways evil manifests itself is through racism and hate.

But if we can’t agree upon God as a moral absolute and authority for what is right, perhaps we can agree upon love. Ultimately, God is love, but for many people it is easier just to believe in love. That is a weakness of course, but it is better than nothing. So, we can agree upon love. Certainly love is the greatest thing a human being can practice. And in the face of hate, murder, discrimination and ignorance…there is no greater response than love. To love one’s enemies and love those who hate you and seek to destroy you is difficult. However, it is the remedy and the recipe for success. It is the attitude and heart condition that allows one to rise above the opposition. Too often we see those who are hated, respond with hate. And sadly, many people celebrate and praise that hateful response. They are happy to see their enemy get burned. Unfortunately, if that is your response, you are hardly any better than your opposition.

The great heroes of history are those people that, in the face of hatred and evil, respond with love. It is not easy to do–it requires unspeakable strength and purity of spirit and mind. But it is something we must all strive for. That must be our moral authority and what we aspire to. Otherwise, we will end in war. If we respond to hate with more hate, we will be destroyed. We will contribute to our own demise. We must be morally superior to our opposition. We must achieve excellence of mind, character, and spirit. It is not ENUF to hold some beliefs and speak of equality and unity, one must live out that belief through love.

We will explore practical ways to live out love and create equality in the weeks and months to come. The more people that unite under the banner of love, truth, and moral excellence the better. Collectively we can and will make a huge difference in our country. Evil cannot exist where good and love exist. We can drive out hatred and racism by carrying love and forgiveness wherever we go. We will rise above the evil, together. We are ENUF.

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