Thank you for visiting ENUF Clothing. We are now live with our flagship shirt, the ENUF Violence T-Shirt.


ENUF Violence T-Shirt


ENUF exists to help young people find a better path and hope for a successful future. There is an epidemic in America, and it is one that is largely ignored. It is the loss of so many young people to violence, drugs, and crime. This issue seems largely ignored by our government and media. Year after year, kids kill each other and go to jail in our inner cities. They get caught up in a life of crime and not many people seem to care. It is clear that we, as “average” American citizens, must step up and help these kids. We must create programs that provide guidance, mentorship, and help on a good career path. When young people have something to strive for, such as a future dream or career, they make better decisions. They will avoid crime, drugs, and violence because they have hope of a positive future.

Help us help the youth of America. Every time you buy an ENUF Clothing product, a significant portion of proceeds goes directly to programs designed to mentor inner city youth. It also helps us grow and create more awareness for this issue. We spend so much time and money on other causes, but not even our own children. Why? It’s time that needs to change. We are committed to making sure that happens.

Thank you for your support and welcome to ENUF Clothing. Please join us in making a difference.

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