At ENUF Clothing, one of our fundamental values is to deliver the best possible value to the customer. What that means is that we want to deliver you exceptional clothes for a lower price than anyone else. To accomplish this, ENUF works directly with the manufacturer of the garment and then ships directly to you. In traditional retail, there remains an additional step where ENUF would sell to a retailer who would then sell to you. That method usually results in doubling the final price of the product. ENUF believes in the e-commerce model because it allows us to communicate and sell to the end user. That means less steps from production to you, resulting in lower prices.

Pricing differences in the clothing industry rarely stem from just production cost differences. Yes, some products do cost more to make. Take our ENUF Violence Tee for example: the fact that it needs to be custom cut and sewn and is very labor intensive makes it expensive to produce. However, prices remain usually more dictated by costs along the distribution chain (after production) and simply by how a brand wants to be perceived. At ENUF, we want our products to be high quality but we want to operate at a low cost and pass the savings to the customer. We believe we accomplished that goal with our recent product releases. Our ENUF Cotton Crew t-shirt is an extremely high quality cotton shirt. It could easily go for $25 or $35 in a major retailer. But our goal is not to sell the shirts for the highest possible price and reap the greatest margin for ourselves, it is to offer the best value to you. We believe that long term this will result in more business overall, as your expectations are exceeded and hopefully we impress you with our quality.

So, having said all that, we bring you the ENUF Promise: find any item that equals what we are offering in quality, for a lower price, and we will meet or beat the price. In other words, it is our contention and goal that you cannot find a better piece of clothing for the same or lower price. So, if we deliver high quality clothes to you at the lowest price, that equates to receiving the best value. Our founders are frugal people. We like getting good deals, and we structured ENUF with that in mind. Our clothes are a great deal and we will always be looking for ways to lower our costs and offer you higher value.

Now, if that’s not ENUF, we also incorporate a great cause into the ENUF Promise. ENUF cares about running a great business, but we care equally about creating a better world. One of the best ways we know how to accomplish that mission, is to help kids. Specifically kids who don’t have the best of circumstances or guidance in their life. We believe that if we can put the right teachers and resources in their life, that every kid can thrive. As adults, it’s our duty to make sure our children are taken care of and in doing so, we create a better future for everyone. Kids just need someone to teach them and encourage them, and they can do the rest. There is so much talent in our world if only we will nurture it and give it a chance to grow. Every time you purchase an ENUF product, you can be certain that 10% will go directly to helping at-risk youth. So, for example, if you buy $50 worth of product, $5 goes directly to helping the kids. That may not seem like a lot, but it is significant because our margins are not very high to begin with. That is the greatest percentage we can give, right off the top, if we are still going to grow as a business. Hopefully, together we find the best balance between giving and growing as a brand so that ultimately the greatest number of people get the help they need.

In summary, the ENUF Promise is two fold: 1) We deliver you the best clothes and accessories at the best price, equaling the best value, 2) A significant portion of every purchase goes directly to helping at-risk youth who need help. We hope that these values resonate with you and we hope we have the opportunity to serve you as a customer and valuable contributor to this mission. Thank you.

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